Title: After Effects Playground (Skill-share/Lecture)
Host: After Hours Animation Community

Description: Overcome your fear of After Effects (AE) by finding its beauty for self-discovery. We will dive into the program with a playful mindset and approach compositing as a fun and intuitive process. An exploration-based attitude makes all the difference– and sometimes all you need is that little spark of encouragement.
Jeanette will cover a few AE principles and delve into a live demonstration of her personal compositing process. Techniques will be applied in both representational and abstract manners. While “basics” will not be covered, previous experience with the program is helpful (but not necessary).

01:13:14. Virtual event. December 28, 2021.

Title: After Effects Playground (Workshop) 
Host: After Hours Animation Community

Description: Following last week’s skill-share, participants were encouraged to make a short clip using After Effects. The session begins with a screening of everyone’s work, followed by individualized workshop/critique.

01:10:17. Virtual event. January 04, 2022.